Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last years resolutions....This years too

My 2009 resolutions....
Have a cleaner car. (Jenn, didn't you say you had something that would help me get the chocolate milk off the roof upholstery?)
(well I just bought a new one with more room for the junk)

Have a great 30th birthday and achieve my goal by then
Run the half marathon in SF.
(my birthday was ok, and Ididn't get the 1/2 marathon due to being preggers, guess thats next year)
Think about a new job...
(I thought about it, but then decided for the time my job is good for my life and kids)
Take the kids to Disneyland.
(next year:)
Finish painting and repainting my house.
(ha ha ha ha ha so much for that)
Finish my kids bathroom (Leslie this is your job to keep me on my toes for this)
Repay off all the credit cards we have used for home improvement stuff.
(yup, but then I used them for Christmas:)
When those are done, try to talk Tim into a new car.
(checked off)
Start saving every month.
(uh....having a baby and not working during that time can affect this:)
Pray more and worry less.

2010 Resolutions.
Finish the Kids bathroom.
Disneyland (after my bros wedding)
Get back into running, 1/2 marathon.
Lose the baby weight, plus more.
Be a friend to all, be it bird or fish or tiny mole! Or anyone:)
Start saving.
Keep my Mom's memory close for myself and my family.
Drink more wine , cause it's good for you.
Keep the house clean! HAHAHA! With 3 kids....
Have Molly sleep through the night.
Plant more flowers.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Molly Grace

for those of you with out Facebook....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Labor day or Halloween?

An update on me...
For those of you who haven't heard....
Last night I was having contractions pretty much all night but nothing real, they were waking me up while sleeping, or I was dreaming about them (which I think were real ones just not too strong) When Tim left for work at 3:30 am I joked that I would be calling him in a little bit. After he left, they got stronger and more consistent. I called him around 6 and we went to the hospital around 7:30am. Once there I had a contraction in the elevator, and then not a single one once they put me on the monitor (shy Molly). The nurse had me walk around for about 20 minutes and I had 3 more, yet they weren't as strong. She put me back on the monitor for about 20 minutes and I only had one:(
I got sent home, which made me happy cause I can take the kids trick-or-treating:)
As it stands now, I have had them consistently all day, but they are about 10-12 minutes apart. The nurse said to come back at about 7 min apart. She seamed to think that this was early labor and I would be back later today or early tomorrow.
So we are going out to trick-or -treat about 4pm. and we are going to Tims moms neighborhood which is close to the hospital so that if we have to leave we can....
To be continued.....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things Madden does to your husband...

He gets no sleep the night before in anticipation of getting the game.
He warns me that I should go to the movies after work, as the TV and him are otherwise occupied.
He asks the cat (whos asleep in the couch) if she has a problem. Over and over....
He hasn't brushed his hair all day.
He asked me to hold his controller while putting Jason in his carseat, but wouldn't shut the car door until I gave it back.
Two days ago the Fedex driver delivered to the neighbors, He went out to make sure that it wasn't his game that got delivered.
Yesterday he tracked the package on Fedex site so much that I thought it was going to pop up and say, "just be patient dang it"

Friday, July 24, 2009

I can't keep up

Although the blog Olympics are fun, I can't keep up, so I guess I am withdrawing from them:) Some of us have to work.:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

two bumps in two days.

Poor Jason's head. Yesterday he "fell" (aka got pushed , by his lovely sister) off the diving board on to the concrete. Then just a few minutes ago ran right into the corner of the kitchen cupboards. In almost the same spot! While yesterdays I' m sure hurt worse, today's, looks worse.....:(

Things I learned this morning watching Mickey

That Daisy can climb a wall in pumps.
For some reason Daisy is the driver of the Mickey car.
That you can slow down Pete with bubbles
That Pete is a cat. Did anyone else know that? Crazy!
And because he is a cat he can be slowed with a ball of string.
To do the hot dog dance you swing your hips and snap you fingers ( I never knew there was a special way until the told us today)
To clean stinky shoes you need one bar of soap and one bottle of perfume, and of course the stinky shoes.

Thats all.